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Close up of a beautiful woman looking at the horizon with a hand in forehead


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2016 is about to dawn and with a new year comes the promise of new opportunities, fresh starts and better and exciting times ahead. Whatever your dreams, to achieve them you’ll need supportive friends, a positive mindset and a sound plan to keep you on track. Big goals require courage, commitment and resilience. With every set-back you rise from, you’ll…

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woman beauty portrait with summer white hat and sunglasses, studio


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When you think of sophistication what words spring to mind? Worldly, refined, elegant, current, calm, grown-up, confident? It’s these adjectives that help you gain insight and direction to achieve the look. Another way is to think of women you think of as sophisticated. For me it’s celebrities like Olivia Palermo, Kate Blanchet, Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry. Each of these women…

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COLOR SENSE: Part 1, Value, Perceived Weight and Size

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Color is a powerful factor in our lives; it can attract or repel, alter the perceived shape, size and weight of objects, nurture or aggravate, uplift or dampen moods, cause a release of energy or calm us to the point of sleep. In the USA the 1940′s witnessed the birth of color analysis which quickly spread worldwide to become a global…

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Far from being purely utilitarian, belts can be the final sartorial touch that completes and polishes your total look. The addition of a belt can be the equivalent of adding a period to the end of a sentence. In addition, they can add shape and aid in improving the garment’s fit. Of course, like any other accessory there are factors and…

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