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The start of a new year is always an exciting time. The air is filled with the sense of possibilities, and we are drawn to the idea that this is the perfect time to start afresh. Start that clean slate, make the future better than the past.  Your style waxes and wanes as circumstances ebb and fall accordingly to life’s…

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STATUESQUE STYLE: the art of dressing to impress when you’re tall

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Do you admire statuesque women? I do. Their height has a regalness, and legginess can leave those of us less endowed us a little green around the gills. I’m glad too that the days of tall girls being made to feel freakish have long gone and today they stand tall and proud. However, it’s not all fun and sunshine for them. Like…

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MINDFUL DRESSING: how to with purpose

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Have you ever thought about the type of image you want to project? It’s easy to think that this would only be something professionals need to think about but that’s not true. No matter what your lifestyle, professional or age your appearance tells others about you before you even open your mouth. How you present yourself will either attract or repel…

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OLIVIA PALERMO: Lessons learned from a style icon

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Take one look at street style blogs or popular fashion social media, and you’ll quickly realize that Olivia Palermo is one of those street style stars that continue to amaze and inspire women with her seemingly endless trove of clever styling tricks and unexpected combinations. Her style speaks to different types of women because her aesthetic is firmly planted in…

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Over time, everyone develops behavioral habits from exercise routines, the way we style our hair, the route we drive to work when we want our coffee or need a cigarette. Likewise, we have style habits that govern the way we dress. Some of these are good like always getting things altered to fit, seasonally editing your closet and taking a final…

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When you think of sophistication what words spring to mind? Worldly, refined, elegant, current, calm, grown-up, confident? It’s these adjectives that help you gain insight and direction to achieve the look. Another way is to think of women you think of as sophisticated. For me it’s celebrities like Olivia Palermo, Kate Blanchet, Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry. Each of these women…

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There comes a time in the life of most women where we yearn for a new look. A look that will restore our self-confidence and place us on a new or better path. I’ve been there – have you? This need can arise from a stagnant love life or career, a divorce, a new lifestyle or vocation, or the need to recapture life after surviving a…

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HOW TO STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD: 8 steps to head-turning style

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Fitting in while standing apart is an important element of personal style. In this era of fast fashion, social media style celebrities, and trends with a short shelf life it can be hard to know how to turn heads and stand apart for the right reasons. To avoid the fashion victim trap or the too-basic/too-routine conundrum, it’s worth doing some sartorial…

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fashion victim - how not to become one


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The term ‘fashion victim’ was coined by Oscar de la Renta to describe someone who is unable to identify commonly recognized boundaries of style. Giorgio Armani referred to it as “When a woman alters her look too much from season to season. For anyone who loves fashion what accompanies the love is the potential to become a fashion victim. I…

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